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This mobile app is all about doing things quicker with better collaboration among your crowd. You wish to buy something, list it here and everyone in your crowd can see it. Anyone in a store or near a store can pick it up for you.

Similarly, a to-do action list that is shared among your crowd so anyone available can finish an item. One view gets all pending things to do. comes with Proxi-meter that allows you to see the location of your team member so it is easy to allocate location based tasks or purchases. Their total travel is also calculated and presented well on the web for you to analyse and use if required for mileage calculations.

Enjoy being part of multiple crowds - family, office, friends and more.


Crowd Basket

You wish them, you list them and anyone from your crowd can buy them for you at their convenience. Quick data sharing updates what is already picked so the whole shopping can be finished quicker. The crowd basket is always up to date and everyone in the crowd has a clear picture of what need to be purchased and what is already purchased.

Start your shopping with a clean purchased list and while you pick your items, the total calculator in the APP gives you a clear picture of what your total bill will be at the counter. Two people can simultaneously pick items in a super market and have a combined total visible to both.

All these items are updated to the server so you can have a summary view of items listed and purchased between two sets of dates. Easy to maintain your personal / crowd accounts.

Action Station

Here is the list of action items that are shared among your crowd. Any member can take a task and finish it. Everyone gets to see immediately what is completed and what are pending.

You can assign the task to one or more from your group. A due date can be set for the completion of this task. The history details on the webpage will show you the date this task is completed.

All the list of tasks are synchronized with the server so the complete list of tasks, their status and history can be viewed in the web portal with your credentials.

My Crowd

Wishlist is all about doing things better and quicker with the involvement of your crowd. In this section, you can easily add people from your contacts list to your crowd,edit & delete. You can create or join separate crowds for your family, friends and work that allows a clear distinction of data across crowds.

When you invite someone, they receive a text message from the server stating you have invited them to join a particular group.

Only when they accept your invitation, you will see them in your crowd and share action items and purchase items with them.


WishList comes with the option to capture your location and update the server thus providing you the ability to capture all your travel and current position. While the current position can be shared with your crowd so everyone can see where you are currently, the historical log is available as a route plot on the server.

While this facilitates easier allocation of to-do tasks depending on user location, you can also gather travelled distance to calculate your mileage.

Centralized data storage

All of your crowd activities are available for review and history through this website. So, you can always look back and review what was purchased and who did what task.


It made the whole process of groceries listing & purchases very easy for my family. The total cost calculator is a nice feature to compare against the total billed at the counter.

Prakash Kurma, Indian Railways

Action station is awesome for me & my cousins to list all fun things we want to do.